2011 Oscars Live Blog: Oscar Winners and Commentary

The day has finally arrived. I opened the RopeofSilicon Contenders section in April of 2010 and all that’s left on the Awards Schedule are tonight’s Oscars and I am happy to say you are in for approximately six hours of non-stop commentary from not only myself, but also from RopeofSilicon resident Box-Office Oracle Laremy Legel as we will tag team this year’s red carpet and ceremony with a live blog like none we’ve ever done before as everything you could possibly want from the show will be available right here, in one single spot.

The live blog will be posted with up-to-the-second commentary with each post having either my name in red or Laremy’s name in blue. All winner announcements will be highlighted like this so they will be easy to spot as well as they’ll be listed in the right-hand-column as they are announced and the winners will also be posted on the RopeofSilicon Twitter page.

To make sure you are entirely ready you will need the following:

  • A Printable Ballot (PDF Download)
  • Familiarize yourself with the nominees
  • Take a look at my winner predictions
  • Take a look at what RopeofSilicon readers predicted

Continuous updates will begin around 3:00 PM PST with the show expected to start at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST. So until things get completely underway have a look at the links above or add a few comments directly below. It won’t be long now until the show gets underway.

[3:16:36 PM] Brad says: Time to get this party started. Melissa Leo is on the red carpet, I have my pomegranate flavored Craisins… Yeah, just need my prune juice and I will be an official Academy member.

[3:17:53 PM] Brad says: Leo was just told she has “the biggest plate of work on her docket.” Should probably think before we speak eh? No idea who that guy was though.

[3:20:19 PM] Laremy says: Okay, let’s get this party started! Melissa Leo is on the red carpet, she sends a subtle burn the direction of Hailee Steinfeld, calling her a “girl” instead of a woman. Don’t step to Leo, she’ll cut you. She’ll cut you deep.

[3:20:59 PM] Brad says: I am currently watching this ABC Red Carpet show, and my god, it’s atrocious. I have no idea who these people are.

[3:23:50 PM] Brad says: Switched to E!, Seacrest is interviewing Hailee Steinfeld. At least on this channel I know who some of the people doing the interviews are by name.

[3:24:14 PM] Laremy says: Ryan Seacrest just asked Hailee what she did before she went to sleep, it’s getting borderline creepy on E!

[3:25:23 PM] Brad says: The Goodyear blimp is now wishing Steinfeld luck. That’s a new one. She seems happy about it.

[3:26:21 PM] Brad says: I still don’t know why Florence Welch is performing instead of Dido tonight. I read Dido was available, but now dice. Odd.

[3:27:06 PM] Brad says: Welch is wearing Valentino if you care… and here comes Mila Kunis. in a lavender dress. Couldn’t hear the name of the designer.

[3:28:20 PM] Brad says: Kunis just said she first met with Aronofsky over iChat for her role in Black Swan. Hear that people? Want to be an actress you need a Mac and apparently eat 1200 calories a day.

[3:28:39 PM] Brad says: Wow, Mandy Moore looks very pretty.

[3:28:52 PM] Laremy says: Poor Mila Kunis was only on 1200 calories a day for Black Swan? How many large Jamocha shakes is that?

[3:32:14 PM] Brad says: Seacrest is talking to Mandy Moore. She’s performing her song from Tangled tonight… a song that I think is the best among the not-so great nominees.

[3:32:58 PM] Laremy says: Mandy Moore just seems like a good egg. Also, I enjoyed her work in Tangled.

[3:33:06 PM] Brad says: Russell Brand just introduced Seacrest to his “mum Babs”.

[3:34:20 PM] Laremy says: And Seacrest asks Russell Brand how he keeps in touch with Katy Perry. There’s a chance he’s the world’s most prominent stalker.

[3:35:42 PM] Brad says: Giuliana Rancic is in the sky box with Kelly Osborne. One looks looks like a stick figure… you guess which one.

[3:36:12 PM] Brad says: Michelle Williams just had a chat with Seacrest. She pretty much blew him off.

[3:37:32 PM] Brad says: One of our Oscar hosts is here… Anne Hathaway in a red dress. Lookin’ good.

[3:39:17 PM] Brad says: It seems “Are you nervous?” is the popular question of the night. Sheer sign you are keeping it safe… or just not a very good interviewer.

[3:40:10 PM] Brad says: Michelle Tuzee and Randolph Duke are two of the ABC commenters. Who are these people?

[3:40:49 PM] Laremy says: This year features an awful lot of fashion, no?

[3:43:34 PM] Brad says: Zachary Levi played with Justin Bieber in the All Star Celebrity game and essentially said he is a ball hog. Uh oh. I see a wave of tween hatred coming Levi’s way.

[3:44:01 PM] Laremy says: If they are going to badmouth someone’s dress they should have to do it to their face. Something to the effect of “That’s terrible, who dressed you? A blind person?” Now THAT would spice up these new few hours!

[3:44:21 PM] Brad says: Kelly Osborne adores Michelle Williams’s dress. Giuliana calls her a blonde Audrey Hepburn. So there’s that.

[3:50:08 PM] Laremy says: I mean, these ladies are LOVING the fashion this evening. Everyone is so beautiful!

[3:50:19 PM] Brad says: Giuliana “can’t even believe what she’s seeing it’s so beautiful.” That statement doesn’t need a punchline it’s so ridiculous. She must’ve taken the Larry King class of hyperbole.

[3:53:34 PM] Brad says: Mark Ruffalo was tweeting all morning… Did you read what he had to say? Here’s a picture he tweeted from the red carpet.

[3:54:13 PM] Laremy says: Ruffalo is called a “such a normal guy,” and that’s meant as a compliment. Not a compliment? “I would have liked to see her in something different” about Florence from Florence and the Machine. I figure they are burying her because she’s not an actor. Savvy.

[3:55:09 PM] Brad says: Geoffrey Rush is currently trying to think of things to say. I guess he’s said the same things so many times it is all now just blurring together.

[3:56:33 PM] Brad says: One time Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is here. She’s presenting Best Original Song tonight.

[3:58:45 PM] Brad says: This is so weird, so Giuliana and Kelly decided to pick on Florence Welch’s outfit and have otherwise talked about how great everyone else looks. Kelly says Cate Blanchett’s dress made her “jaw drop.” Gimme a break.

[4:00:05 PM] Brad says: Jeremy Renner is talking about The Avengers, which he starts shooting this summer.

[4:00:49 PM] Brad says: Spacey just told Jeremy Renner, “Unfortunately this isn’t like the Globes, we can’t get toasted here.”

[4:03:19 PM] Laremy says: Scarlett Johansson has bed head. Make of that what you will.

[4:03:53 PM] Brad says: Now it’s time to evaluate Scarlett’s Dolce and Gabbana, which Giuliana calls “messy.” And now they’ve broken out the telestrator. Kelly just circled Scarlett’s breasts. Understandable.

[4:07:51 PM] Laremy says: Hey Brad, a Twilight musical moment is coming. You told me you wanted to know about that if I heard.

[4:08:02 PM] Brad says: Uh oh, Twilight musical moment tonight. What does that mean? I’m sure no one cares, but Seacrest has confirmed it.

[4:09:08 PM] Brad says: Looks like Sharon Stone has had a considerable amount of work done and is sporting a Cruella deVille outfit. Oh, but Giuliana and Kelly think she’s “rocking it.”

[4:12:22 PM] Brad says: Justin Timberlake is here with his mother and sporting a Tom Ford suit.

[4:16:03 PM] Brad says: Oh hey here’s that Natalie Portman commercial directed by Sofia Coppola.

[4:18:04 PM] Brad says: Man, Fox bought a whole bunch of entertainment commercials on E! 127 Hours and Love and Other Drugs. Fortunately only one of them is worth buying.

[4:18:16 PM] Laremy says: Remember when Love and Other Drugs was considered Oscary? It was a simpler time.

[4:18:28 PM] Brad says: Helena Bonham Carter looks a little less witchy today. Good for her.

[4:19:32 PM] Brad says: Colleen Atwood designed Bonham Carter’s dress. That’s a new one.

[4:21:13 PM] Laremy says: Seacrest tries to pin Hilary Swank down on a prediction and she deftly demurs.

[4:22:11 PM] Brad says: Ryan Seacrest and Hilary Swank are talking about sharing a scene in the upcoming film New Year’s Eve, a film likely to be one of the worst of 2011. Exciting.

[4:22:54 PM] Brad says: Steven Spielberg’s daughter looks a little like Jennifer Lawrence.

[4:24:47 PM] Brad says: Kelly Osborne just said Helen Mirren has a “bangin’” body.

[4:25:02 PM] Laremy says: Only five hours left!

[4:26:23 PM] Brad says: Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have arrived and it looks like Sandra Bullock has decided to not go with her Golden Globe bangs. Good call.

[4:27:36 PM] Laremy says: I can’t be the only one who is happy to see Celine Dion on the red carpet, amirite? “My Heart Will Go On” is everyone’s jam, right?

[4:30:45 PM] Brad says: Nicole Kidman’s dress looks like a giant diaper. Kelly calls it a kimono.

[4:31:25 PM] Laremy says: Whenever the E! crew is about to rip someone they preface it with “I’m going to be really honest …” Let me tell you, you don’t want to be on the other end of all that E! honesty.

[4:34:15 PM] Laremy says: Paltrow says she hasn’t slept in a week. That five hour energy product really works!

[4:35:14 PM] Laremy says: I’m going to be really honest with you, I can’t wait for E!’s coverage to end. Bring on the awards.

[4:35:15 PM] Brad says: Only 26 minutes to go… I think. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be a 30 minute red carpet wrap-up prior to the show on ABC. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

[4:38:33 PM] Brad says: “People deserve it. People are paying money for it.” – Christian Bale on delivering a good performance.

[4:38:34 PM] Laremy says: My brother Zoah just asked for a shout-out. As I get paid by the word, I have no problem approving this request. Big ups, Z-Man!

[4:39:56 PM] Laremy says: You’re not wrong, Brad. ABC will be vamping for a bit before they start handing out the hardware. We must endure.

[4:41:59 PM] Brad says: Donald Trump is at the Oscars. I can’t explain this.

[4:43:06 PM] Brad says: Trump just said Gary Busey is a “genius” but “he’s definitely a little messed up.” That’s why he’s here… for the jokes.

[4:44:11 PM] Laremy says: I wonder what “a little messed up” covers? Cow tipping? A little light tax fraud?

[4:50:43 PM] Laremy says: Oh, I want to get it on the record that I’m taking Morgan Freeman to present Best Supporting Actress, though I originally thought Matt Damon or George Clooney might be in the mix.

[4:51:05 PM] Brad says: Wahlberg just said The Fighter “is walking away with two” Oscars. He’s banking on Bale and Leo. That’s some nice confidence from the star and producer.

[4:56:34 PM] Brad says: Okay ladies and gentlemen, we’re coming up on the top of the hour so we’re going to do a page break. See you on page two.


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