Box Office Predictions: ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Battles ‘Big Hero 6’ & ‘Interstellar’ for #1

Big Hero 6 has a very good shot at getting a repeat victory this weekend, though it’s hard to predict what effect the brutal weather will have on the festivities. $33.7 million indicates a 40 percent drop, very nice, it pays to be an animation in the fall. Does this one have any chance at a Best Animation nod? It wouldn’t seem like it, but the Lasseter pedigree has come through for lesser films before.

Dumb and Dumber To pulled of a PG-13 rating, good news, but is almost two hours, bad news. It’s also not so good, though that shouldn’t make much of a difference for the opening weekend. $28.4 million is my call, and hopefully it cost next to nothing. What would they even spend money on? Jim Carrey‘s haircut?

Interstellar achieved a B+ Cinemascore, and it’s the broadest film, in terms of demographics, on the board. I still see it falling 45 percent, which normally would be a decent number, but the family film above will take it out. Inception pulled off three weekend victories, but it looks like this film won’t even pull off one. They are going to need them international dollars to pull them through to profit. $26.1 million is a nice number, it’s just not nice enough for a busy November weekend.

Beyond the Lights is our final somewhat wide new release of the weekend, but with only 1600 theaters it’s hard to get too excited. It’s got a good poster, but no “name” stars, and I haven’t seen an advertisement yet. It will pull in some teen bucks (I think) this weekend, but not enough to make much of a splash. This will be your limbo title of the week. How low can you go? $6.4 million is my projection.


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