Christopher Nolan In Talks to Direct ‘Interstellar’

Well folks, it looks like Christopher Nolan may have found his follow-up to The Dark Knight Rises in the form of the sci-fi film Interstellar, a script written by his brother Jonathan Nolan (The Dark KnightThe Prestige).

Steven Spielberg was previously attached to direct and ironically enough the news comes the same day it is being reported Spielberg has postponed his own sci-fi project, Robopocalypse, indefinitely.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news and says Interstellar involves time travel and alternate dimensions in a story that sees a group of explorers travel through a wormhole. The script is based on scientific theories developed by a Kip Thorne, a theoretical physicist, a gravitational physicist and astrophysicist at Caltech. Like Inception, the story is said to be “complex and multi-layered”.

Thorne was quoted in April 2010 talking with Caltech newspaper The California Tech about the project when he discussed his general relativity research that inspired the story and said, “I like to call it ‘The Warped Side of the Universe,’ which are objects and phenomenon that are made largely warped space and time such as black holes, wormholes, and so on.”

The same article goes on to discuss the plot further saying it “centers on the discovery of an energy source from the Hawking radiation from a nearby blackhole. Extra-dimensional beings that control the blackhole may also exist in the plot. Several plot points are allusions to general relativity and parts of Thorne’s research, including the gravitational red shift that occurs when the character is close to the vicinity of the black hole.”

Nolan would produce and the project is looking to be a co-production at Paramount and Warner Bros. There is no word, yet, on when production would begin.

Featured below is an interview with Thorne discussing black holes, gravitational waves, cosmic strings and wormholes.


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