Class of 2013: 276 New Members Invited to Join the Academy

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today the 276 members of the entertainment industry invited to join organization. The list includes actors, directors, documentarians, executives, film editors, producers and more. Of those listed below, those who accept the invitations will be the only additions to the Academy’s membership in 2013.

“These individuals are among the best filmmakers working in the industry today,” said Academy President Hawk Koch in a press release. “Their talent and creativity have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide, and I am proud to welcome each of them to the Academy.”

Koch also told Variety, “In the past eight or nine years, each branch could only bring in X amount of members. There were people each branch would have liked to get in but couldn’t. We asked them to be more inclusive of the best of the best, and each branch was excited, because they got to bring in the people who should be in the branch.”

Last year only 176 were invited. The total is now more than 6,000 members.

The list is massive and it’s impossible to touch upon each new inductee, but you’ll notice young talent such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jack Huston among the actor inductees along with last year’s oldest Best Actress nominee Emmanuelle Riva and then a couple of interesting inclusions such as Milla JovovichJennifer LopezDanny Trejo and Chris Tucker.

I also took note of Rian Johnson included in the writers branch and not directors branch along with the likes of Julie DelpyLena Dunham and Ava DuVernay, the latter of which is one of three invitees invited by multiple branches from which she will need to choose which she wishes to be officially listed under.

Finally, I love seeing Prince on the list, 20 years after winning an Oscar for Purple Rain. Koch commented, telling Variety, “Why wasn’t Prince in before? Maybe it was an oversight, maybe it was for whatever reason, but Prince is now a member of the Academy.”

The full list is directly below. What names stand out for you?


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