Examining Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish

Some of the less imaginative haters of Quentin Tarantino love to point out the writer/director’s foot fetish and how it leaks into damn near every single film he has made. Of course, if Tarantino was trying to hide the fact feet light a fire where it counts it would perhaps be a little more disturbing, but there it is in all its glory and don’t expect this weekend’s release of Inglourious Basterds to be any different.

So, I thought why not take a look back in time and see just how Tarantino has utilized the female tootsies for his own prurient interests, and has it ever managed to make you look at them any differently?

I debated starting with this one or ending with this one, because in fact this is the only time I actually thought there was anything sexy about Tarantino’s little fetish. I’m not sure if it was the complete package Bridget Fonda was offering or the way the scene was shot, but it just worked. Maybe it’s the toe ring. Who knows? Then again, you would have never caught me drinking out of that glass like De Niro did. So, I guess it worked only to a certain extent.

Okay, now this one is just creepy, but intentionally so as Stuntman Mike rubs up against Abernathy’s feet.

Hard to argue with what Sydney Tamiia Poitier is offering.

Wiggle your big toe. I know this scene did something for some people because it took me forever to find this video with all the parodies out there on YouTube. However, I think this is a more comical approach although one thing I did get from the two Kill Bill films was something of a Tarantino infatuation not just with Thurman’s feet as much as with Thurman herself. For some reason that creeped me out a little, not sure why.

Of course, couldn’t leave out the famous Pulp Fiction foot massage conversation… Anyone else care to claim the title of “foot fuckin’ master”? I swear, I don’t be ticklin’ or nothin’.

Finally, the crème de la crème. The moment Tarantino goes blank staring at the feet of one Juliette Lewis. Okay, this one’s a little creepy.

As suggested by Phil in the comments I decided adding this clip only makes sense. As Phil says, “[Tarantino] should be thanking Robert Rodriguez more than once for starring in that movie.”

I’m curious, do you find Tarantino’s infatuation with feet fascinating, comical, creepy? Are you constantly hoping his next film will forgo an attempt to focus on a woman’s dogs or do you look forward to seeing how he will do it the next time out?


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