Go Ahead and Spoil the ‘Episode III’ Surprise

I am amazed at how a film can be so highly anticipated that people feel it is absolutely necessary to ruin their chances at being surprised when it finally hits the big screen.

Star Wars: Episode III is certainly the overwhelming favorite as the most anticipated film of the year from a majority standpoint and yet it is the one film that people are so horny to see that they ruin the entire film by knowing and virtually seeing the entire film before it ever hits theaters, and here we go again.

I was sent a link from Gareth over at SKNR.net, to a Yahoo! photo album featuring the entire Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith storyline According to the Illustrated Screenplay.

Granted Lucasfilm doesn’t really help by releasing the novelized version of the film only a few days ago, including the art and visual dictionary for the film, but why do people feel the need to know the entire story before they see it? Doesn’t that ruin the experience?


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