Jean-Claude Van Damme is Offering Free Green Screen Footage of Himself to the World!

Update: In quite possibly the greatest bit of irony, the video has been taking down due to copyright claims by Funny or Die. They held a contest to insert the footage into people’s own video projects, and now that contest is over. I guess that footage could only be free for that amount of time. Damn you!

The original article is as follows:

Jean-Claude Van Damme has never been one of my go-to 80s/90s stars for laughably bad action films. I do greatly enjoy films like Bloodsport and even Double Impact, but they aren’t my favorites. They aren’t, say, Commando. But, then again, what is? He did make JCVD, which is a terrific film but far from the type of stuff I’m talking about.

What I truly respect about Van Damme is he is 100% self aware of who he is and what people take away from his presence. So, he decided to have himself a bit of fun. Van Damme filmed some clips in front of a green screen and made them available for anyone to use in any project their heart desires. That is pretty awesome, if you ask me.

I don’t know how or why anyone would implement this footage into their own projects, but the Internet is a crazy place. I am sure there are already hundreds of videos out there right now using this footage in fun and creative ways. Van Damme is a good sport, and this makes me smile.


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