‘Lincoln’ Election Night Trailer

If you were watching tonight’s Election coverage you likely saw this new TV spot for Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln more than once. One RopeofSilicon reader tweeted me saying just that, writing, “I think I have seen the TV spot for Lincoln about 15 times during the election coverage.” Well, if you’re interested, you can now watch it for a 16th time.

This new trailer plays without a word said, relying on an aural music bed, the visuals and words over those visuals. Give it a watch below and look for the film in limited release this Friday and expanding nationwide on Friday, November 16. I’ll have my review of the film shortly, but if you’ve been listening to the RopeofSilicon Podcast you know both myself and co-host Laremy Legel both enjoyed it, but we’ll be more specific this Friday.


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