Live. Die. Repeat. Warner Bros. Second Guesses ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Title for Blu-ray Release

This morning a reader sent me an email with the Blu-ray box art for Edge of Tomorrow as Warner Home Video has announced a October 17 release for the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt sci-fi feature that premiered this summer to stellar reviews and disappointing box office numbers. They did so because they found the packaging to be hiding a key element… the title.

[amz asin=”B00K2CHWOI” size=”small”]I wrote more than one article questioning the film’s failure, even wondering if the title was the problem, which it now seems WB is considering as well. In fact, they seemed to be considering it only a couple weeks after the film was released as posters starting hitting the internet focusing more on the film’s “Live. Die. Repeat.” tagline than the actual title. Now, Warner Home Video has all but abandoned the Edge of Tomorrow title altogether.

Just below is the Blu-ray box art for the upcoming release as well as a snapshot of how the film is presented on iTunes, which is under the title Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.

Personally I don’t know if changing the title this late in the game is going to do much. If anything I’d think you’d at least want to keep the title and hopefully job the memories of those that may have heard of the film, but ultimately avoided it. By changing the title you remove pretty much all hope for familiarity.


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