New Pictures Expose Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh’s ‘Snow White’

Jordan Prentice, Joey Gnoffo, Sebastian Saraceno, Lily Collins, Martin Klebba, Mark Provinelli, Ronald Lee Clark and Danny Woodburn from Tarsem Singh’s Snow White

Tarsem Singh‘s Snow White feature is the Untitled Snow White, which is something Relativity Media is going to have to remedy soon enough as we inch closer to that March 16, 2012 release date, but for now they seem content for it to not have a name as they’ve used today to debut a batch of six new images from the film in the digital pages of Entertainment Weekly and Yahoo.

Among these images you get your first look at the band of additionally unnamed dwarfs whom EW describes as “bandits who live in the woods outside the kingdom and wear stilts when they attack passing caravans, which has the citizens fearing giants – not little guys.” At the center of that image is Lily Collins, whom EW is referring to as “Abduction‘s Lily Collins” as if anyone actually saw that film, playing the film’s central character.

Additionally you’ll get a look at Armie Hammer (The Social NetworkJ. Edgar) as he plays the prince, Nathan Lane as Brighton and, of course, Julia Roberts as the evil queen who wishes to steal control of the kingdom. Personally, I just wonder if this fairy tale land will be as afraid of Julia Roberts as this dog is. Run dog, run!

Members of the cast not pictured include Robert Emms as Renbock, Michael Lerner as Baron and Sean Bean as The King.


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