POSTER: ‘Art House Movie: There Will Be Farts’

We have teased you over the past five days and it is finally happening. RopeofSilicon was exclusively made aware that the spoof film Art House Movie: There Will Be Farts has been greenlit and we not only have the exclusive poster premiere below, but RopeofSilicon was also declared the official host for the film’s official website. Now that officially rocks!!!

You can check out the poster below and give it a click for a MUCH larger version. On top of that click here to check out the official site which has an RSS feed you can subscribe to as well as download wallpaper for your desktop.

There is no production date set yet as the script is still being worked on, but Kevin Sorbo and Carmen Electra are aboard to star as Antwone Sugar and Dia-blow Cody in the film that will set out to spoof such recent art house classics as No Country for Old MenJuno and, of course, There Will Be Blood.


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