Preliminary 2011 Oscar Contenders: Part Two

Welcome back for part two of my four part look at the early 2011 Oscar Contenders. If you didn’t check out Part One you can do so right here or use the link at the bottom of page two of this post. However, first things first, there has already been a change to part one as a watchful reader has pointed me to an article from the Los Angeles Times saying Andrew Jarecki’s All Good Things is no longer at the Weinstein Co. as the director has bought back the domestic rights and is now shopping them around to potential distributors and hopes to have a deal in place shortly. This doesn’t change much, but it does mean we have a change in distributor.

There was also a slight change in my numbers as another film was added to my list, bringing the total to 73 individual films plus my animated and documentary contenders, which will bring the total to 86 films to be previewed over the course of this week ending with the entire list being published this Friday.

I will again remind you all, this is merely a guide to potential nominees, not a guarantee, not a lock, but simply films that could potentially go on to be remembered at the year-end Oscar race. A few of these films may not even be released in 2010. Several of these films still don’t have distribution. A few of these films just started production. Suffice to say, this list, as the headline says, is preliminary.

Each part of this list is being presented in alphabetical order, which means tomorrow’s part three will pick up exactly where this list leaves off. So, if you see a spot where a film may have been overlooked please comment below. I have not yet finished work on the new “The Contenders” section and once I open its doors I hope to have as comprehensive a list as possible. As the year goes on several of these films will drop off the list, others will be added and just like last year we will ultimately end up with our front-runners.

With all that said, let’s get started with part two, which includes yet another 20 films.


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