Sales Poster for Glenn Close’s ‘Albert Nobbs’

I recently asked you if you would be willing to predict Meryl Streep’s upcoming performance in The Iron Lady would be an Oscar contender. So, as the sales poster for Albert Nobbs arrives (via West End Films) I feel it is only right to ask what you think Glenn Close’s chances are with her new film.

Close has been nominated for an Oscar five times and never won. Her last nomination came in 1989 for her role in Dangerous Liaisons opposite John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer. So while many like to say the two-time Oscar winner Streep is due for an Oscar, I have to assume the Close fanatics feel a 22 year drought where Close hasn’t even scored a nomination might make her a bit more worthy of being “due”.

Her role in Nobbs where she plays a woman posing as a man in order to find work and survive in 19th Century Ireland is not an unfamiliar one. She played the same role in an Off-Broadway interpretation of the story and won an Obie for her performance back in 1982. 29 years later and Close is now producing the film adaptation which she co-wrote with Man Booker prize-winning author John Banville. The film is directed by Rodrigo Garcia (Mother and Child) and does not yet have domestic distribution, which it will likely find later this year on the festival circuit.

Obviously, this isn’t a lot to go on and like The Iron Lady we don’t have a trailer or even a clip to base our opinions on, but I am throwing the question out there either way. Do you have any thoughts? Also, here’s the poster


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