‘Tron 3’ Eyes October Start, is It Titled ‘Tron: Ascension’?

I was not a huge fan of TRON: Legacy, but one thing I will say for it is I really enjoyed where it ended. In fact, as much as I thought the film itself was a bit of a dud, had it continued on for another two hours I think they might have had one hell of a great four hour film on their hands. That said, have you heard the news Tron 3 is looking at beginning production in Vancouver this Fall?

Word broke earlier this month that Joseph Kosinski (TRON: LegacyOblivion) was returning to direct after news first surfaced in the VanCity Buzz and seemed to be later confirmed by the trades. I reached out to Disney and they gave me the “we have no idea” response so I didn’t write much else about it. However, today Production Weekly sent out a tweet reporting once again that the sequel would indeed shoot in Vancouver from early October thru February, but on top of that they report the film’s title is Tron: Ascension.

Interesting, but what could “ascension” be referring to? At the end of Legacy we got the introduction of Cillian Murphy as the son of Tron villain Ed Dillinger (David Warner), we learned Rinzler (Anis Cheurfa) was actually Tron and his fate was left undetermined, and then there was what I found most interesting, the fact Olivia Wilde‘s character was brought out of the program and into the real world. Question is, of course, will Wilde be back with Garrett Hedlund? We can only assume the answer is yes, and also assume Murphy will be back in a much larger capacity as he went uncredited in the first film.


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