‘Twilight’ Sequels – ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’ – Get the Green

The Hollywood Reporter seems to know something no one else knew as they report the sequels to Twilight (11/21) are a go as Summit Entertainment has brought on scribe Melissa Rosenberg to pen scripts based on “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” the second and third books in the franchise, respectively.

The story of Twilight centers on the relationship between an average teenage girl, Bella (Kristen Stewart), and a vampire, Edward (Robert Pattinson) and the troubles facing a human/vampire relationship such as blood drinking, cold skin and the lack of a sex life.

Director Catherine Hardwicke recently told MTV the number this first film had to hit in order for the sequel to get greenlit was something like $150 million, which seemed like a wildly unreasonable number for a film that only cost a rumored amount of $40-50 million to make. The buzz around the film is big due to its rabid fanbase, and due to such fragility there is no telling just what kind of numbers the flick will end up doing.

As for casting, Robert Pattinson recently told E! he is signed on to play Edward in three films and I will assume Kirsten Stewart, who plays Bella, has a similar deal as most likely does the rest of the cast. There is no mention of the fourth and final book, “Breaking
Dawn,” getting a screenwriter, but I am sure they will play it by ear and try to run it as Warner Bros. has run the Harry Potter franchise, obviously on a much smaller scale of course.


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