Two New Pics from ‘The Reader’ and Post Production Rumor

I have just added two new pics from The Reader (12/12) and also received an interesting rumor regarding post production.

First off, there is the pic above featuring Winslet as Hanna Schmitz and the second pic you can find right here includes David Kross as Michael, a 15 year-old boy Hanna falls in love with who have an affair in post-war Germany. The affair suddenly ends only to have the two meet again eight years later under completely different circumstances.

As for that rumor I mentioned, I got a tip from someone claiming to be close to the production saying “editing is not even half-finished” but the biggest problem is apparently the score. Our tipster says, “Although Alberto Iglesias will probably do the score, the other two finalists are still in the game – Ozren K. Glaser, a brilliant young Croatian composer and Nico Muhly, a dark-styled Peter Glass assistant.”

I am currently checking with The Weinstein Co. to try and substantiate this bit of news, but for now certainly consider it a rumor.


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