Unpack Your Sick Sense of Humor for Nash Edgerton’s Short Film ‘Bear’

If you haven’t seen Nash Edgerton‘s short films before you’re in for a treat as Vice has finally brought online Edgerton’s latest short film Bear.

The film serves as something of a sequel to his previous short, Spider, which we co-wrote with Animal Kingdom writer/director David Michôd (who co-wrote this one as well, and was released in front of Edgerton’s 2010 feature directorial debut The Square.

In fact, back in 2010 I posted all of Edgerton’s short films up to that point (eight in total) and they are all still available and online right here, but before you had over there (and trust me after watching the following two short films you’re going to want to) check out both Spider and Bear below.

Bear stars Edgerton along with Warm Bodies star Teresa Palmer and if I may make a suggestion, watch Spider first, it will help make the opening line to Bear that much funnier.


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