Update: Looks Like ‘Thor 3’ is about to Be Announced

UPDATE: Marvel has posted an update on their Twitter account to note this is a new comic book title, not a new movie title.

@kellyherron27 We’re announcing a comic book title, not a movie. Make sure to tune in!

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 14, 2014

Marvel has decided to use “The View” as their platform to announce “an all-new thundering title” on Tuesday’s episode of the show, airing at 11 AM EST. The studio announced the plans on Twitter with the image you see at the bottom of this post and considering the “thundering” in the tweet and the lightning in the image it stands to assume we’re talking about Thor 3, though there is definitely speculation online that it could be Doctor Strange and Captain America 3. I’m not a comic book guru so maybe someone can help me out with this, but are there any other Marvel titles that suggest the use of thunder and lightning?

Also, how strange (pun not intended) is it Marvel is using “The View” to make this announcement ahead of their Comic Con panel on July 26? Strange, strange, strange. Or, maybe they’re announcing it on “The View” because it’s Ms. Marvel as someone has suggested to me on Twitter?


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