UPDATE: ‘Watchmen’ Trailer Details and the 15 Second ‘Harry Potter 6’ Sneak

UPDATE: A reader has pointed out that MuggleNet.com has posted what Dumbledore says in the 15 second teaser is, “Once again I must ask you to do the impossible, Harry.” I wish I could remember, but as I said in the comments I was washed over once I realized I was watching the trailer for Watchmen and then after 150 minutes of Dark Knight I was famished.

Well, just caught The Dark Knight for the second time and while I will say the length does become a slight issue I enjoyed it damn near just as much the second time around. However, this screening came with a bit of a bonus. While they did show the little 15 second thing they have been talking about concerning Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince all it is is a look at the title treatment and a voice over from Dumbledore. Nothing more.

But… I did see the teaser trailer for Watchmen and I can tell you right now I enjoyed it… a lot.

You get to see plenty of Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach looks fantastic as does Nite Owl’s ship as it emerges from the water. You get a look at just about every character involved including the Comedian and Silk Spectre II, you see a bit of Jon as he is about to disintegrate and plenty of him afterward as well as a scene in which I believe is him making his first appearance and if you are wondering if we will see full frontal Dr. Manhattan… you do… and I am shocked the MPAA is letting it slide.

The final shot of the trailer… well, let’s just say a crystal palace on Mars is doable.

My only concern is that Dr. Manhattan may be a bit too CGI’d out, but this is just a teaser, but that boy was glowing blue like a mudda fugga.

The trailer will show in front of screenings of The Dark Knight hitting theaters this Friday, July 18th. Hopefully it will be online soon thereafter because you will watch it over and over again.


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