Watch: Nine Tormented Clips from ‘Black Swan’

I’m excited, because in less than six hours I’ll be sitting down for a second helping of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. I’m also excited because while I would never suggest anyone watch even a trailer for a film they know they are already going to see, I think the nine clips I have added from Black Swan directly below only serve to intensify your desire to see the movie rather than spoil it, even less so than the trailers I’ve seen in fact.

However, that is not a suggestion you should watch them. I’m only adding them because I know several of you will probably want to watch, but I still suggest if you are sure you’re going to see this movie than simply don’t watch any of the clips below… That said, the decision is now up to you, but I will make a few suggestions…

You saw the clip titled “Black Swan” yesterday and it is an excellent look at just how far Aronofsky takes the psychological thrills by incorporating them deep into the ballet. The clip titled “Fitting” and “Passerby” give you a greater indication as to what Nine (Natalie Portman) is dealing with. “To get this?” gives you a look at Winona Ryder while “Dancing,” “Hot for teacher” and “Watch the way she moves” give you a better idea of Mila Kunis’s role in the film. Finally, Vincent Cassel’s presence is felt in “You bit me!” and “Attack it”.


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