Willis Wants ‘Unbreakable 2’ and ‘Die Hard 5’ and Wesley Snipes Wants ‘Blade 4’

Wills is Open to Die Hard 5 and Unbreakable 2: In a pair of interview quotes Bruce Willis talks about the possibility of Unbreakable 2 and seems quite confident there will be a Die Hard 5.

As for Unbreakable 2 he says, “I talked to [M. Night Shyamalan] over the holidays, and he is still thinking about doing the fight movie between me and Sam [Jackson] that we were gonna do [with the first movie, but] we chose to do the origin.” Willis says he’s up for it if Jackson is.

The Die Hard 5 info sounds more probable (video to the right) with Willis saying explicitly, “I think we’re going to do a Die Hard 5 next year.” As the Die Hard story has expanded over the years, going from a skyscraper, to an airport, to New York City and finally to the whole of the United States in Live Free or Die Hard, Willis says the fifth one would go even further saying “it’s got to go worldwide.” On top of that he also adds he would ask back Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman for the job.

Kevin James Cheats with Vince Vaughn: Kevin James is in negotiations to star opposite Vince Vaughn in Universal’s untitled cheating project with Ron Howard directing a screenplay from Allan Loeb (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps). The film follows a man (Vaughn) who learns that his best friend’s wife is cheating and must then navigate treacherous waters to decide what do with that knowledge. James is playing the best friend.

Isla Fisher Will Kiss and Tell: Isla Fisher is set to star in the romantic comedy Kiss and Tell written by Dax Shelby and Robert Stevens with Up in the Air scribe Sheldon Turner producing at Universal Pictures. The film tells the story of a woman who discovers she has the power to see exactly how a long-term relationship will unfold with a man after kissing him.

Shane Black Directing Doc Savage: Considering Shane Black brought his own pulp novel hero to life, Jonny Gossamer in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I guess it’s only appropriate he take aim at a real one. Columbia Pictures has hired the Lethal Weapon scribe to direct and co-write with Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry a film based on Doc Savage, a man known as the Man of Bronze and hero of pulp novels, films and comicbooks of the 1930s and ’40s. Trained since birth to be nearly superhuman in every way, Doc Savage uses his skills and powers to fight evil all over the world.

Blade 4 for Wesley Snipes: Wesley Snipes told Arrow in the Head there have been some talks about a Blade 4 and that he would be interested if the script was right.

Scott Hicks Gets Lucky: Scott Hicks (The Boys Are Back) is in negotiations with Warner Bros. to direct scribe Will Fetters’s adaptation The Lucky Ones, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel about a Marine searching for a mysterious woman. The story centers on a Marine who survives three tours in Iraq and attributes his good fortune to a photograph he carried of a woman he has never met. He sets out to meet his good-luck charm when he returns to North Carolina.

First Independent Rolls Holy: First Independent Pictures has acquired U.S. rights to Holy Rollers out of the Sundance Film Festival. The film, which stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha tells the story of a Hasidic Jew (Eisenberg) in late ’90s New York who becomes involved in an international ecstacy ring. First Independent is planning a summer release.

Brolin’s Waterbug Eyes May Start: Josh Brolin is set to star in Waterbug (previously titled Cartel) for director Asger Leth. The film is a remake of the 1993 Italian film La Scorta with a screenplay by Peter Craig who most recently wrote The Town for Ben Affleck adapted from the Chuck Hogan novel. The story follows Ed Marker (Brolin) as he journeys to protect his son after his wife is brutally murdered in the gritty world of Mexican cartels. Sean Penn was at one time signed on to play the role now occupied by Brolin. Filming will begin May in Mexico. Universal Pictures is distributing.


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