‘Before Midnight’ Location Map – Celine and Jesse Vacation in Greece

From Vienna in Before Sunrise to Paris in Before Sunset, the story of Celine and Jesse is obviously the heart of why we love these films so much, but the locations speak to that sense of romance in us all. Meeting someone in a foreign country and enjoying a passionate, one night affair, believing you can’t exist without them. Nine years pass without a word and you see them again, in Paris of all places. You walk, talk and fall for each other all over again, realizing this is something more than just puppy love.

But these are the stories of the first two films in this franchise, Before Midnight is something of a different beast as we once again step into the lives of Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) as they are vacationing with their two girls in Southern Peloponnese, Greece.

Today’s map highlights the locations from the new film directed by Richard Linklater and while I don’t spoil the story, it can’t help but hint at where the drama takes place.

That said, unlike Before Sunrise and SunsetBefore Midnight takes us into a part of the world not nearly as familiar as Vienna or Paris. As you’ll notice when viewing the map below, Google’s Street View feature isn’t available and information on the region isn’t nearly as abundant.

Therefore, I was only able to put together so much with the information the filmmakers provided me and the information available online. One thing is for certain, like Vienna and Paris, Southern Peloponnese becomes a character in Celine and Jesse’s story.

If you’re wondering about some of the location titles, some are specific to the location, others to the film. I don’t spoil what they mean, but I felt it would be more fun to be a little ambiguous for those that haven’t seen it while at the same time jogging memories for those that already have. I hope you enjoy.

This is the third in a trio of maps tracing the locations in all three of the Before films. You can find the others at the following links:

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By clicking on the list of moments from the film in the left-hand column the map on the right will change to preview information from each location. You’ll be met with addresses, images and in many cases clips from the film along with brief commentary on each location. Like any other time you use Google Maps, you can zoom in all the way down to street level and zoom back out. In some instances I have included a “More details” link, which will take you to a closer look at some locations to see how they appear now compared to how they appeared in the movie.


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