‘Amityville: The Reawakening’, ‘The End of the Tour’, ‘Drunk Wedding’ & More in Today’s MPAA Ratings Bulletin

It’s always interesting when an MPAA bulletin includes a re-rate, but most specifically when a film gets a new rating, a new rating reason, but the filmmakers didn’t have to edit the film one bit. In today’s bulletin that film is David Gordon Green‘s Manglehorn starring Al Pacino which was previously rated R for “some sexual material”, but has now won a PG-13 rating on appeal with the reason for the rating given now as “for some sexual content and language, and for accident and surgery images”.

If you’re wondering why all that wasn’t mentioned for the “R” rating, the reason is the MPAA gives reasons for only the portion of the film that earned the film’s rating. So, in the case of Manglehorn it was the “sexual material” that pushed the film over the edge into “R” territory, but now that it’s “PG-13” rating film it’s not only the “sexual content” but the language and, apparently, some gnarly images related to some sort of an accident and surgery scenes.

Also in today’s bulletin is an R-rating for the latest film in the Amityville Horror collection, this one being the delayed Amityville: The Reawakening, which, like the 2005 remake, is rated R. Oh, and yes, that’s not a typo, the film went from Amityville: The Awakening to just Amityville and now it’s Amityville: The Reawakening. Enjoy.

Paramount Insurge’s low budget comedy Drunk Wedding gets an R as does the possible Lily Tomlin Oscar vehicle Grandma and James Ponsoldt‘s Sundance hit The End of the Tour starring Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace.


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