Criterion Feature ‘Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution’ is Now Online

If you read any of my most recent posts regarding director Steven Soderbergh’s comments on Criterion’s Che Blu-ray then this is a post sure to interest you as the 33-minute special feature titled “Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution” has been made available online in its entirety.

If you are a regular reader of movie news websites and blogs you have undoubtedly heard of the RED One Digital Cinema camera, and while the camera itself is a technical marvel, what it means for the future of film is probably the bigger story and the following feature discusses both as well as offers additional context to the Soderbergh quotes I used when writing up my review of Criterion’s Blu-ray edition of Che.

This is not all Criterion’s Che box set has to offer in the way of fascinating extras, but it could serve as a reason for you to pick up the set — either on DVD or Blu-ray — just knowing if you liked this you are sure to like the complete package.

So, without further comment — and thanks to The Playlist for pointing this video out — take 33 minutes of your time and be thoroughly entertained.


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