Duchovny Talks ‘X-Files 2’ Possibilities

There has been plenty of Internet chatter surrounding the possibility of an X-Files 2 for Mulder and Scully, and in a recent visit to Seattle to do publicity for his new film House of D, I had the chance to ask David Duchovny about the possibility of a second X-Files film, and if they were all going to get back together for it.

“Supposedly we are all gonna get together and do it next January or February,” he said, “I mean it’s not written down, I haven’t signed anything, nobody’s signed anything, but, Chris Carter is gonna write it, and I think he is just waiting for whatever deal to happen with Fox to go ahead and do it. And hopefully we’ll shoot it in your Canadian neighbor again, you know go back to Vancouver and shoot it so that we get the mood that we like about it.”

Duchovny’s timelines have bounced around during his optimism, but they have pretty much stayed steady on the idea of a late ’05 or early ’06 production date.

As far as what Carter is doing with the script, it was about a month back when he told DVDEmpire.com, “It’s currently in negotiations, and things are looking positive… There’s not a script, but Frank Spotnitz and I have worked out a story. Actually, we did that quite a while ago.”

All the chatter seems to be pointing in the right direction, so keep your fingers crossed if this is something you have been anxious for, House of D opens April 15, 2005, stay tuned for more of our conversation with the actor/director.


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