Someone Thought It Was a Good Idea to Spend Money On This

Over the weekend I caught a trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy on television. I’d heard of it when I read Cracked’s least four anticipated movies of 2013, but I didn’t actually read what it was about. In fact, I saw the poster featuring Rob ScneiderMichelle RodriguezAdrien Brody and Lindsay Lohan and thought it looked fake. After all, a title like that couldn’t be real… could it? It is, and it hits theaters on March 22.

For those that might believe they’ve seen this before in some form or another, you have. We originally posted a trailer for it back in August 2010 when it was titled Underground Comedy 2010, not much else was known about it then, but its release now would only seem to be as a result of the fact Movie 43 was able to make money, though I’m not sure which of these was actually added to the release schedule first.

Directed by Vince Offer, who is apparently the ShamWow guy, and starring the names above. The red band trailer is directly below and the synopsis is below that.

InAPPropriate Comedy is a no-holds barred sketch movie starring Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody as “Flirty Harry,” a tough, no nonsense cop with a soft middle and a flair for fashion; Rob Schneider in a dual role as both a sleazy, horny psychologist and a curmudgeonly porn critic alongside his enthusiastic counterpart Michelle Rodriguez; Lindsay Lohan living out her fantasy of taking an ultimate revenge on the salivating paparazzi who haunt her, and Ari Shaffir as “The Amazing Racist,” whose hilariously offensive hidden-camera encounters with members of different ethnic and minority groups push everyone’s buttons.


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