‘Star Wars’ Rumors: Michelle MacLaren Eyed for Spin-Off, ‘Rogue One’ Aiming to be Old School War Film

It’s a new era in blockbusters and we’re all trying to find out just what manner of new school blockbuster appeals to us. Maybe you’re a Marvel fan, maybe Fast and Furious, maybe you liked the new Jurassic World, maybe a combination of what’s being offered or just maybe you shun it all. Either way, a new selection is on the way as not only a new trilogy of Star Wars movies begins this December with Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens as well as the beginning of a series of standalone films, starting with Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One, releasing next year and shooting this summer.

We traditionally know what to expect from the Star Wars films, but now that franchise creator George Lucas has taken a backseat and sold Lucasfilm to Disney for nine gajillion dollars we may be getting a whole new galaxy far, far away as a new report concerning Rogue One arrives. JoBlo has a few tonal descriptions of what we can expect saying the Gareth Edwards-directed feature will be “darker and grittier” than any other Star Wars film to date, aiming to be much like an old school war film, a la Hamburger Hill. There will be new droids and some of the film will be set in the jungle and various battlefield locations.


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