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In 2003 I started with the sole purpose of creating an online portfolio with the intention of getting a job as a freelance writer for an entertainment outlet. By 2007 it was a full-time job, writing about movies on a daily basis. Now, twelve years later, it’s time to move on as has come to an end and is shutting down as of right now… but not without first thanking you, my readers.

RopeofSilicon was a website built on a community of readers. I realized early on the value of a readership, no matter how big or small, and in the twelve years I’ve spent running this site I have made valuable friendships with both readers and others in the industry from fellow movie bloggers to local, national and even international publicists. Friendships that don’t end with the shutting down of this website.

I also want to acknowledge our podcast listeners, the final episode of the podcast has been recorded and will be released this Friday, August 21, and I think I speak for my podcast partner and longtime collaborator Laremy Legel when I say after 370+ episodes it was a bit surreal recording what we knew would be the final episode. I would also like to thank Greta who joined us for the final episodes, I wish it could have lasted longer.

To the listeners, thank you for listening, contributing your questions, games, voice mails and personality, without your participation the podcast never would have lasted five years. The complete podcast archives are available on Soundcloud.

On a side note, if you had signed up to contribute to the Patreon project for the podcast, don’t worry, you won’t be charged. The project was canceled on August 18, 2015. Also, if you have a paid subscription to the site I have sent you an email with instructions how to close your account.

I would also like to thank those that helped contribute content to the site over the years, Laremy’s help was invaluable since way back in 2005 and over the years contributors included Andre, David, Kevin and Steve and as of late Jordan, Mike, Michael, Charles and Will. Thanks for all you’ve done!

As for the site as you know it, by this Friday it will be condensed down to one page with a variation of this final post along with the final episode of the podcast. I know some of you will ask, “But Brad, why shut down the entire site?” Well, shutting down the entire site was the best and easiest option for me at this time. All the site’s content will not be lost and I expect my reviews will be online again at some point in the near future. I will not stop writing.

If you wish to stay in touch with me, and hear news of my next professional adventure, you’ll want to keep up with my personal Twitter account, @bradbrevet, and I’ve started a Tumblr page in case I get an itch to write anything in the immediate future. After all, I am still going to the Toronto Film Festival next month!


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