Wake Up, Spike Lee Set to Reprise Role as Mookie in ‘Red Hook Summer’

Spike Lee was recently rumored to be in line to tackle a remake of Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy, but it appears he had another project on his mind as he has started shooting a new film titled Red Hook Summer as he tweeted early this morning, “Wake Up. I been up since 430am. On the way to the set of THE NEW SPIKE LEE JOINT. Today is 1st Day of Shooting. Awwwwwwwwwwww Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet.”

Details on the project come from BlackFilm.com where we learn Lee is not only starting a new project, but he is reprising his role as Mookie, the character he played in his breakout 1989 feature Do the Right Thing. Plot details are limited, though a source tells BlackFilm the story centers on a adult from Atlanta who comes and spends the summer in Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY.

Additional casting is not yet known either, but based on a second tweet early this morning I have a feeling Samuel L. Jackson may also be back as Mister Senor Love Daddy as Lee tweeted, “It’s OFFICIAL.ON THE STRENGTH. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH RUTH.40 ACRES UP IN DIS MUTHA.YA-DIG.SHO-NUFF.”

I’m sure we’ll hear additional details soon enough, and I would expect the film will be ready for a 2012 release, marking four years since Lee’s last feature, Miracle at St. Anna.


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