Who Didn’t Think Harvey Dent was Dead?

Yes, this story has spoilers, but based on the fact that The Dark Knight has made $531,037,655 I am assuming anyone interested has already seen it.

Yesterday Ain’t It Cool News and CHUD reported what they considered news saying Harvey Dent is officially dead at the end of The Dark Knight. Seriously? How is this news or even something people didn’t think was the case?

The snippet you see above is a screencapture from the Dark Knight script. I have made it a point to draw your eye to one word specifically. Gordon and Batman even talk about all the people that are dead at the end of the film. They hold a memorial for Dent at the end of the film. The whole reason for Batman becoming a villain at the end of the film is because Dent is dead. What am I missing? Is there a story here?


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