Zoolander (2001)

STARRING:Ben StillerOwen WilsonChristine TaylorWill FerrellMilla JovovichJerry StillerJon VoightDavid DuchovnyChristian SlaterAndy DickPatton OswaltFred DurstAndrew WilsonGodfrey
DIRECTOR:Ben Stiller
STUDIO:Paramount Classics
RELEASE DATE:September 28, 2001
DVD STREET DATE:November 30, 1999
WEBSITE:Official Site


Charge your micro-mini cell phones and whip up some orange mocha Frappuccino, ‘cuz Zoolander is on the runway, and you’re gonna laugh your booty off! Based on a sketch created by writer-director Ben Stiller and cowriter Drake Sather for the 1996 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, Zoolander is a delirious send-up of New York’s fashion scene as epitomized by male model Derek Zoolander (Stiller), a dimwitted preener who’s oblivious to a Manchurian Candidate-like plot to turn him into a brainwashed assassin. Tipped off by a reporter (Christina Taylor), Zoolander teams with rival model Hansel (Owen Wilson) to foil the poodle-haired fashion designer (Will Ferrell) who’s behind the nefarious scheme. The goofy plot’s only half the fun; with roles for Stiller’s parents (Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara), dozens of celebrity cameos, endlessly quotable dialogue, and improvisational energy to spare, Zoolander is very smart about being very stupid, easily matching the Austin Powers franchise for inspired comedic lunacy. –Jeff Shannon


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